Self Help Book The Secret

“The secret” it is a self – help and self – development book based. It was written by
Ronda Byrne on 2006 with the aim to letting us know what the law of attraction is, how it works
and how to apply it in our daily routine to fulfil our desires, achieve our personal goals and attract
to us everything we want to achieve.

Why did I decide to read the book “The Secret”?

I decided to read ” The Secret “ because I was going through a very bad time in my life about my longest relationship, eating
disorders and my personal dissatisfaction.
I didn’t have or knew useful tools which would help me overcome all of my problems.
I felt like zero, my self-confidence and my self-esteem were on the ground, I didn’t know how to
get out of this situation of unhappiness and, above all, I didn’t know how to solve my problems
because I was afraid, afraid of not being at waist height itself. This is why I took refuge in myself,
alone and in pain, with all the emotions that I felt so strongly that I could not manage even one.

I was no longer in control of myself and I never had it, I was lost once again and I was unable to
choose what was right for me, but the most important thing is that I didn’t know who I really was,
or rather , I felt a strange energy inside me and my intuition told me that I was probably doing
everything wrong, that the life I was living was not what I wanted.
But how do I get past this? The day came when I made a choice, the most important choice of
my life: I decided myself first and therefore I decided to change, so i decided to read “self – help” books.

We live in a world where our life does not belong to us because
we are like “slaves” of a system that tells us what to do, what to choose, what to eat and so, we are losing our true
identity, our soul.
I always thought differently, I always appreciated freedom, being able to live my way, do what I
like, in short, being in charge of myself, and, most importantly, having the power to decide for my
life, for the better or for the worse.


I had heard a lot about this fantastic self-help and personal development book and so I decided
to buy it.
“The Secret ” book is out of the “ordinary schemes” as it helps you to look at life in a different and much
simple way so, in my opinion, it helps you to get a beautiful perspective of life itself.
At the base of everything there is the law of attraction according to which whatever you desire
and whatever is linked to an emotion you can get it.
The awareness process of the law of attraction is a quite long and it all depends on how much you
believe in a certain things first.

With a practical example that means that if you believe in yourself, in
your abilities, in your dreams and if you are into the conception that life is nothing else then the projection of
what we think and what we want, so, everything you asking for will come.
Obviously, in addition to believe, actions must be taken which bring us closer to the goal.

I wanted to write down on my blog a Free review of “The Secret” book and let you know to all of you one of the most important sentence that i found written in it.
“Ask, Believe, Get”, this is the sentence of the book that I immediately felt mine.
Now, I could stay here writing for hours to all of you but I want to leave you the curiosity to live
this beautiful experience.

What is changed since I read “The Secret” book?

I’d say everything is changed. My life is improved from different points of view, I have known the true myself, I have
appreciated the true myself and believed in me as I had never done before.

The biggest emotion that I experienced and that literally changed my approach to life and my
mindset was “being grateful” for all that I have and that will come in my life, because yes, the
book teaches us that we must be grateful and appreciate everything we have in our life and if we
don’t like it we have the wonderful power to change our situation, the most important thing is to
always believe in ourselves and in this “process” which is the law of attraction .

Who do I recommend “The Secret” book to?

I recommend “The Secret” book and any other self – help book to all people who have felt or are still lost today.
To those who do not believe in themselves, to those who do not know who they are yet, to those
who are convinced they are worthless, to those who are unhappy and to those who simply love
personal development and love to understand how this fantastic gift that is life works.

The Secret

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