28 Days Gratitude Challenge “Self Help Book The Magic“

“The Magic” is a self – help and self – development book based. It was written by
Ronda Byrne and published in 2012. It is a 28 Days Gratitude Challenge book with the aim to apply Gratitude in your daily routine and to see life from a different point of view.


Why Did I Decide To Read “Self Help Book The Magic” ?

I decided to read Self Help Book The Magic because it is the second book that is taking part in Ronda Byrne chain books first , also because I love to talk about some topics like personal development. There is another reason why i have read “The Magic” which is the most important for me and that is because i love challenging myself on any area of my personality.

Secondly, after reading the first book “The Secret” I have seen my life change mostly because I have changed my mindset first. My mindset was completely different until a few years ago and I have always felt the need to live my life to the fullest also to progress myself and to pursue my goals with the aim of achieving them.

The main topic of “The Magic” book is Gratitude. It’s a very helpful challenge you can do in 28 days with the purpose of improving your happiness by appreciating the tiny things around you . T

he book shows you how you can definitely change your point of view, step by step, and start to feel grateful for everything you have around you and everything that will come. Do you know that we need 21 days to make a new habit or to remove it?

Well, “The Magic” is all about making new habits and that’s funny because there are so many daily practices that make you knowledgeable about how to feel grateful, so you cannot make mistakes. My big advice is to deeply follow these practices even if you feel skeptical at the beginning because the most important thing about changes is to believe, definitely .

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” Roald Dahl ( 1916 -1990 ) Writer


Who Do I Recommend “Self Help Book The Magic” To?

I recommend “The Magic” book to all the people who believe in magic and who believe that anything can happen in life if you only believe in yourself first and if you learn to appreciate all those things we always take for granted. I want to give you an example to make you understand what I am meaning .

When you were a child you imagined that life was something spectacular and you could close your eyes imagining becoming what you wanted to become like for example an astronaut, a singer even an actress /actor.

Well, my question is: what separates an adult mentality from a child mentality? It is simply awareness, so, who says that children can dream and when you become an adult you cannot do it anymore?

It’s all about setting up goals, whether small or large , but simply goals that make us happy for what we are doing for ourselves and for the loved ones.
I mean, it’s a real challenge but that surely brings you to a desired result.
At this point, If you are reading this review so, try to ask yourself a simple question where you can start from:


Welcome On OneLifeWellnessCoach

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Enjoy my 90 days Home Workout that you can follow even on vacation.

Keep your body Fit and let’s start this challenge.

Am I ready to challenge myself?
In the meantime I leave you this sentence you can find on the Welcome Page of the book as well, just to give you a bit of curiosity to read it.

“May The Magic open up a new world for you and bring you joy for your entire existence “

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