Discover What Mindset Is And How to Get The Right Mindset To Live a Happy And Successful Life

Mindset is a set of beliefs that affects how you think, feel and behave.
The research provides undeniable proof that the key is not about ability, but people’s beliefs about their ability. They have shown that these beliefs affect people’s behaviours, performance and whether they achieve their best. Yo can identify two different mindsets:

Fixed Mindset – you believe that your ability is set in stone and where you are now will likely predict where you are in the future.

Growth Mindset – you believe your ability can change and grow and it would be impossible to predict what you or someone else could achieve.

We are neither one nor the other, instead, we are largely a mixture of the two. Our job is to be aware of our mindset and gravitate towards growth

Right Mindset To Live a Happy and Successful Life

Right Mindset To Live a Happy and Successful Life

Mental programming of the person occurs especially in the first 7 years of life.
As children, in fact, the brain absorbs everything that is said to it without being able to determine what is true and what is not and we will be guided by these programs until adulthood.

Mental programming then depends:
– From the family
– Right after school
– From work
– From friends
– By ourselves.

These are thoughts already thought by others, then transferred to us who internalise and reuse them, even if they do not belong to our own experiences.

What are limiting beliefs?

Are you sure that your thoughts, moods and desires are really yours?
Are you the one who makes your choices independently?

If our mental programming is negative, even when our intentions are good, our thoughts will remeranno to make us believe that our goals are unattainable without foundation. In this way we will all tend to slow down our growth and assume protective attitudes towards our ways of thinking and acting. (Bruce Lipton-the biology of beliefs)

Every action, in fact, starts from a thought, and when the thought is not ours, even the actions will not be. So we end up living a life that does not suit us and does not satisfy us fully. Despite this, man often prefers to hold on to false but certain beliefs, rather than trying hard to change his thoughts.

Almost 95% of our thoughts and actions are determined by the subconscious.
Which is why we drive without thinking about the movements and put our hands forward as we fall spontaneously and immediately to protect ourselves.
Our subconscious is always focused on the present moment and processes information much faster than our conscious part, which instead is used to spending a lot of time in the past and in the future.

The subconscious has stored all past experiences, images, stories, words and habits and uses this information to guide us automatically.
Our conscious part, on the other hand, is the one that reflects, analyses and makes decisions but is often influenced by the deeper beliefs created by the subconscious.

The positive side of mental programming

Right Mindset To Live a Happy and Successful Life-6
Right Mindset To Live a Happy and Successful Life

The subconscious works 24 hours a day and leads you to act in the direction of the programs that you have ‘installed’ in it. As a result, if you spend a lot of time regretting missed opportunities or imagining future problems, these are the situations that will come to you again.

This kind of thinking will only sabotage all the opportunities you have to grow and expand.

What is part of your life now is due to the programs installed in your unconscious and manifests itself through the subconscious.

Everything that you love and that comes easy to you, is because programs allow you to build healthy habits and attract these kinds of situations. What creates stress for you, that you find difficult or that you see as failure is probably due to limiting beliefs that hinder you and make you believe that you will never make it over certain limits.

The good news is that once we understand this mechanism we can begin to be responsible for our thoughts and we can reprogram the unconscious to make the best use of all our potential.

To make profound and long-term changes, then, we must change our deepest beliefs.

Getting results will be a bit like going to the gym: at first it will seem to us to train hard without seeing obvious results and making extreme effort, but after a while everything will seem easier and we can enjoy our success.

How to change your mental programming

1. Observe your thoughts. When your mind expresses a negative judgment towards you or an event stop for a moment and ask a question to yourself:

– Who is thinking this thought?
– Is it the result of personal experiences or has it been imposed on me by others?
– Is it a useful thought that can encourage/support me or hinder me in the growth path?

2. Positive affirmations. If you fill your brain with negative words and thoughts, your subconscious will continue to direct you to negative situations.
Pay attention to your inner dialogue especially how you use the words “I am”.
If when you refer to yourself you say “ I’m lazy, I’m tired, I’m unlucky ” your reality will reflect these beliefs.
Use positive affirmations and repetition to reprogram the unconscious.

3. Express gratitude. Program your mind to recognise all the beautiful things that are coming back to you instead of immediately noticing the negative ones. Take note mentally and thank you.

4. Creative visualisation. It consists in ‘ emotional and sensory identification in what you are imagining. The key factor in visualisation is feeling inside what we decide to create. What we decide to visualise must seem true as a full-fledged memory.

5. Hypnosis. If the beliefs are too ingrained and deep and you can not eliminate them yourself, hypnosis is a valid possibility as you directly access the unconscious part of the mind.

Sometimes an important or traumatic event is enough to make you radically change mental programs and open up new opportunities.

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