Protein Truffles
Protein Truffles

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Protein Truffles

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Protein Truffles™ from The Protein Works™ are baked fresh each day in our bespoke Protein Bakery and come individually wrapped for extra freshness. Each Protein Truffle is a high protein snack, packing over 12g of protein per bar. Our premium blend of pure whey protein concentrate, hydrolysed whey, whey protein isolate, micellar casein, wheat protein plus a sprinkle of soy protein is designed to contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Each protein bar is high fiber and low sugar (less than 1.5g per bar), making them ideal for aiding weight loss and fat loss goals. Protein Truffles™ come in 4 mouth-watering flavours and contain no artificial flavours or preservatives. Ideal as an on-the-go protein snack, either pre or post workout. Great for those on a calorie controlled diet who want to treat themselves to a high protein sweet or dessert that is low in sugar and low in calories.


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