Protein Porridge
Protein Porridge

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Protein Porridge

Foods / Snacks > Savoury Foods & Snacks

Protein Porridge from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is a ground-breaking innovation that re-defines the classic porridge. Each Protein Porridge serving is packed with over 22g of premium grade, multi-sourced protein from whey protein concentrate and milk protein to provide a tapered release of energy, plus over 38g of low GI carbs to help supercharge your day with this high protein breakfast. In addition, it’s also gluten free and includes a performance boosting vitamin blend and nutrient dense colostrum. Providing a whole array of health benefits including fat loss and immune boosting properties to help repair and regrow essential muscle mass. So in addition to Original, you can choose from Very Berry, Apple & Cinnamon or Banana Choc Chip. Each one includes a unique twist such as real fruit pieces, natural golden sultanas or pearls of rich Belgian chocolate, all 100% natural, of course. Click on the Product for full information for your absolute peace of mind.


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