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Omega 3:6:9

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Omega 3:6:9

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Omega 369 Omega 369 from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is a natural source of undamaged and unprocessed Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) derived from premium grade fish oil. This multi-sourced omega supplement was created to comprehensively supplement your diet with healthy fats that are otherwise hard to obtain through diet alone. Omega 369 contains an optimal ratio of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 which have been shown to help provide an array of health benefits ranging from improved cardiovascular health to overall benefits in health and wellbeing.   Omega 369 Health Benefits Omega 369 helps fulfil a fundamental need from every cell in the human body. This is because our cells require protein, water, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids (EFA’s) to operate at their optimal level. Whilst quite often the body gets enough protein, vitamins and minerals through the diet, it can be hard to get enough essential fatty acids. Plus, most omega oils that we obtain through our diets have been damaged by food manufacturing processes or exposure to heat, oxygen or light which ultimately degrade their nutritional value. This is why nutritionists often recommend supplementing with a quality omega supplement like TPW™’s Omega 369 since they’re naturally sourced, undamaged and unprocessed.   Omega 369 Performance Benefits TPW™’s Omega 369 is also a very popular supplement among athletes due to its performance enhancing properties. This is because sports scientists have discovered the essential fatty acids serve to ‘up-regulate’ the mitochondria (known as the ‘powerhouses’ of the cells). This in turn improves the efficiency of the cells in the body to function which can therefore help improve endurance, aid fat loss and may even possess muscle building properties too. This is the main reason Omega 369 supplementation is now becoming increasingly popular in performance based nutrition as well as more traditionally health based.   Omega 369 Skin Boosting Properties Another well publicised benefit of supplementing with Omega 369 is better skin health. This is because nutritionists believe your skin is a good reflection of your dietary habits and can externally show what’s going on within the body. Put simply if the skin looks tired and dry it’s a good indication that the body isn’t being nourished effectively. Supplementing with Omega 369 allows the skin’s cell membranes to hold onto water which internally moisturises the skin from within.


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