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Life Coaching Plan 


Life Coaching Plan

Life Coaching Plan Helps People To Improve Their Personal and Professional Lives.

Whether You Want To Strengthen Relationship With Others, Move Business Forward, Boost your Self-Confidence Or Simply because you feel Unsatisfied of Your Life, 

ONELIFE Can Help you To Set, Understand And Meet Those Goals.

“You Can”

Boost your Self-Confidence

“Life Coaching Plan”

Have you ever felt like a caged bird completely imprisoned by it fears, beliefs and behaviours?
Have you ever wanted to run away to find yourself again, to realise yourself, to find the strength and change something in your life that you have never accepted?
Have you ever wanted a personal ransom, for yourself, your family or any other personal reason?
Well, that is usual but the wonderful thing is that if you’re reading this page that’s means that the challenge is already begun. As human beings we have got the power to face and change life situations. Do you know why?
Simple , because we can make choices and if you are on this page it means that you have already chosen .

6 Benefits To Have A Life Coach in Your Life

1. Making conscious time to dream.

Helping  You to discover your dreams and supporting you to create a future that is in line with them.

2. Setting goals.

Setting Goals moving you forward in different areas of your life, they hold you accountable for failure and encourage self-examination.

3. Understand what really matters.

One of the biggest  causes of stress,frustration and lack of motivation is the lack of alignment of our action plan. You will learn to do what you love and what you are good at.

4. Improve work-life balance.

Our time is valuable and we should spend it in a way that enriches our day.

5. Boost Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem.

Self-doubt and fears can stop us from becoming strong,confident and successful people.

6. Overcome beliefs, mental blocks,fears and insecurities.

Each one of us harbours our own set of limiting beliefs,fears and insecurities. We may fear rejection or may also be afraid of being alone or fear loneliness.


Personal Training Plan

ONELIFE is here for you offering advanced training as well as beginner training for individuals of all fitness levels.
Are you ready to change your habits in order to live better and longer?

Life Coaching

ONELIFE is here to invest in a one-to-one relationship with you and to believe that valuing yourself enough is the best gift you can give yourself.


What They Say

L. Connor - Entreprenuer

“Julia is a superb coach. She is fantastic at getting me
to ‘un-muddle’ my thoughts when I can’t see the wood for the trees, she asks great, powerful learning questions and provides valuable and insightful feedback on what she is hearing from me. Julia has helped me be happier and more successful in work and life and she has done this using her wonderful coaching skills very naturally and with real expertise.”

S. Williams - Teacher

“I was a mess! I was working long hours and I was exhausted, some might say burnt out. I had no energy for life and I was incredibly frustrated. I also found that my confidence was at an all-time low after breaking up with my boyfriend. Julia made me feel instantly comfortable. I could discuss any aspect of my life, my fears, my hopes and dreams and she never judged any of them. She helped me unpack all the negative beliefs I’d held about myself and I started to regain my confidence. I tried lots of things I never thought I would, I trusted her and found I actually enjoyed going out from my comfort zone. Thank you ONELIFE”

M. Bazzi - Financial

“I started having coaching with Julia because I was at a crossroads and was lacking the confidence and motivation to make the changes that I wanted to both on my body and my job. I found Julia easy to talk to and she helped me to break things down into easy manageable steps also to find what I was looking for.I stared with her a Personal Training Programme wich Helped me to feel Happy again wit my body and healthy life.”

Come On In

Because easy doesn’t change you.

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