Healthy Mango Coconut Mini Cheesecake For those Who Love a Healthy Lifestyle Without Too Many Sacrifices

If I say chocolate, berries, fresh fruit or caramel on a crunchy base, what comes up to your mind?
Today we talk about cheesecake. You know that feeling like empty stomach which can be fill only with something sweet?
Well, if you are in UK or United States so definitely you have to eat an excellent cheesecake. since I love fitness and a healthy lifestyle but I also love sweets pretty much, so I love to make some original recipes and do them in my healthier way with the aim of satisfying all my sweet cravings and staying fit anyway.
For that reason i made my own version of this delicious dessert which is Healthy Mango Coconut Mini Cheesecake also it is macro friendly.

Ingredients for a Single Portion:
170 g Mango Flavour Greek Yogurt (you can use any other yogurt which is high in protein)
15 g Rice Krispies Cereals
15 g Almond Butter ( or any nut butter you prefer )
10 g Desiccated Coconut

Healthy Mango Coconut Mini Cheesecake

Energy: 323 Kcal

Carbohydrates : 21.37 g

Sugars : 8 g

Fat : 15.13 g

Protein: 24.65 g

I hope you guys enjoyed the recipe and of course you can let me know how it was . Also if you want me to make something you like in an healthy recipe way, just contact me 👌 and i will be more then happy to satisfy your desires .
I hope you appreciated the recipe, so you can let me know how it was then.
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Cheesecake History
Typical Anglo-Saxon dessert so many people are convinced that the original recipe is English but not everyone knows what the true origin is and we are sure that discovering it will surprise you. Where did cheesecake come from? The first cheesecake was served to athletes during the Olympic Games but not the modern Olympics in Atlanta or London but those that took place in Greece instead.
The passion of the Greeks for cheesecake is also confirmed by historians who tell us that the athletes were refreshed with a cake made with sheep’s cheese and honey.
The most famous version today which is the one with a crunchy base and cream cheese is the result of a mistake made by an American dairy producer, Kraft, who discovered a very tasty recipe made with Philadelphia cream cheese.

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