Healthy Italian Tiramisu To Treat Yourself With a Dessert Without Going Overboard

I made my own healthy version of tiramisu’ which is equally tasteful and also low in fats and high in proteins.

I prepared it with wholegrain rusks instead of “savoiardi ” biscuits, Greek yogurt and protein cream cheese instead of “mascarpone cream” and at least I used erythritol instead of white sugar.

As I personally love chocolate I’ve topped that with both cocoa powder and zero calories chocolate syrup

Tips: Greek yogurt and protein spread cheese are great sources of protein and zero fat.


Ingredients for a portion of Healthy Italian Tiramisu’
– 4/5 wholemeal rusks
– 100 gr Greek yogurt (0% fat)
– 70 g soft protein cream cheese
– 1 cup of coffee
Zero calories chocolate topping and cocoa powder

Per portion:
Energy: 290 Kcal
Total Carbohydrates: 35.35g
Sugars: 7.85g
Protein: 24g

Simply dip the wholegrain rusks in warm coffee mixed with Erythritol and alternate them with the protein cream you have made (keep a bit of protein cream for last).
Refrigerate overnight. Sprinkle with bitter cocoa and zero calories chocolate topping in the morning

Enjoy your meal 🤩


The Italian Tiramisu

In ancient times grandmothers used to prepare a breakfast that we could define as poor but it was very rich at that time.

The Italian Tiramisu has always been a dessert par excellence and also it is the most famous and loved one.

The Italian Tiramisu it is made up with sponge cake, mascarpone, eggs, sugar and topped with cocoa.

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