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ONELIFE was founded in order to provide services that support the people general well-being . I help people to identify what they want and why they want it and, based on that, I help them to work out a realistic plan that helps them to reach their goals. I support people to take responsibility and to become accountable regarding any kind of commitment.

Increasing levels of stress taking part on our mental and body health and so, for that reason you may feel lost or simply be living life on a day-to-day basis.

As Wellness Coach i will help you to overcome challenges in the areas of physical wellbeing and mental health.



“You Can”

Do You Want To Feel Better, Have More Energy and Even Add Years To Your Life?

One Life Wellness Coach Helps People To Improve Their Personal and Professional Lives.

Whether You Want To Improve Your Body, Lose Wheight, Build Muscle,  Improve Your Health As strengthen Relationship With Others, Move Business Forward, Boost your Self-Confidence Or Simply because you feel Unsatisfied of Your Life. 

ONELIFE Can Help you To Set a New Mindset To Face Any Challenge You Will Encounter On The Journey Of Life .


One Life Wellness Coach

My name is Giulia and i am fully qualified Life Coach and Personal Trainer. My passion is to support people to make change in their lives.
I strongly believe in the power of any human being to react to every situation in life as well as to every life change but could happens that we lose our way because the millions of input that comes from our surrounding environment playing a huge role regards our life balance and we just sit back with no reasons to move forward anymore.
My aim is coaching you to live a better life with confidence and self-esteem also face your barriers and overcome them.
My focus is to promote your physical and mental well-being working through a not-judgmental and comfortable environment with the aim to boost your empowerment.

Wellness Coach Benefits 

1. Set realistic goals.

Nothing is more disheartening than failing to achieve a fitness goal. With enough failure, you may give up on your health and wellness objectives. A personal trainer can establish realistic and healthy fitness goals as well as help you to achieve them.

2. Challenge You to be better.

When exercising alone, it is easy for people to fall into boring routines. A personal trainer will mix up workouts and bring new challenges to the table.

3. Establish lifelong exercise habits.

Personal trainer support you to understand that fitness should be a priority to live better in your own life.

4. Improve work-life balance.

Our time is valuable and we should spend it in a way that enriches our day.

5. Boost Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem.

Self-doubt and fears can stop us from becoming strong,confident and successful people.

6. Overcome beliefs, mental blocks,fears and insecurities.

Each one of us harbours our own set of limiting beliefs,fears and insecurities. We may fear rejection or may also be afraid of being alone or fear loneliness.



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