Are you a Warrior but for some reasons you are completely disconnected with your inner-self and so you’ve lost your power?

Do you know the benefits of training your mind in order to excel in life and business?

If yes, I want to talk to you 

Being an ambitious person or an entrepreneur is not easy because millions of inputs come from our 

– Business 

– Personal Goals 

– Relationships 

– Personal Expectations


Those factors overwhelm us with the end result of lowering our 

– Self- Confidence 

– Energy/Focus 

– Motivation/Discipline/Performance

– Self-Worth


Seriously, your personality, life and your business will be affected by that. 

At this point, what will happen to the incredible Warrior within you? 

You feel lost, you think that you are worthless or that you do not live up to what you want or again you do not deserve it!

I got you! 

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with you, but you need to get clear about 

– What your priority is 

– Who you are 

– Where do you want to go 

Having the right plan that suits you! It will help you to Unlock Your Full Potential and finally get back what you deserve!

Do you Know that our mind is a muscle and has to be trained in order to unlock our full potential and excel in life/business?
By training our mind we increase energy/focus levels, we overcome procrastination /insecurity by building new habits and healthy and sustainable beliefs,so that’s

I will show you my own method that I use on myself and with clients over the years and that inspired me to understand who I am, what I am able to achieve and how to Unlock my Full Potential becoming Fearless and Unbeatable to face any challenge.


My Story

Hi, I’m Giulia, a Fully Qualified Mindset/Empowerment Coach, Personal Trainer, Social Worker, Entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience in helping people set up a New beliefs system, An unbeatable Mindset, replacing bad habits and overcoming fears, self-judgment with the aim to live the life at the fullest as they deserve.

My work is based on following a holistic approach with the aim to make you aware of your unique VALUE.

I spent most of my life hating myself believing that my whole world revolves around it. I suffered from eating disorders to addictions because I was chasing PERFECTION in my life and also my business.

These things affected my entire life!

On the other hand, I always loved to feel FREE mentally and physically.

Being able to break down my limiting beliefs/habits in order to build up new and sustainable ones made me feel even more miserable because I had no idea where to start.

Well, these things then were making me scared of course, that’s the reason why I was making to myself a thousand excuses in order to not challenge myself and assume my responsibility. I was literally in a TRAP.

Do you know what made me aware of the importance of appreciating ourselves as a unique and unrepeatable creature so beautiful in its diversity and imperfections?

I had an accident by car when I was lost and young and I have been in a coma for a few days. Well, someone knocked on my ‘door’ but I didn’t want to open it.

Then one day I woke up from a coma and I figured out the importance of loving ourselves and also our life.

Every single day During my 2 months recovery at home I was closing my eyes and I was feeling that powerful emotion which is Freedom and I finally began to challenge myself, take action and I finally re-connected with my Inner-Power so,  I Unlocked My Full Potential and the game has changed!

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring a Coach? 

1. Set realistic goals.

Nothing is more disheartening than failing to achieve a goal. With enough failure, you may give up on yourself and that’s a shame. A Coach helps you to establish realistic and achievable life/business goals.

2. Challenge You to be better.

Everything is impossible until someone did it.     A Coach will always challenge yourself with the aim to boost your self-worth and unlock your full potential

3. Establish lifetime New and Sustainable Habits.

Coach supports you to understand what habit is holding you back in order to replace it with new ones so you will feel confident than ever in reaching goals.

4. Balance Your Free time.

Our time is valuable and we should spend it in Freedom. Freedom to choose how you spend time with, Freedom to choose what is better to you, Freedom to be yourself, Freedom to enjoy life as you deserve.

5. Boost Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem.

Self-doubt,Self-Judgment and fears can stop you from becoming unbeatable and successful.

6. Overcome limiting beliefs, mental blocks,fears, insecurities.

Each one of us harbours our own set of limiting beliefs,fears and insecurities. We may fear rejection or may also be afraid of being alone or fear loneliness. A Coach helps you to understand your True Identity, overcoming your limiting beliefs,fears and insecurities by discovering your power.




“Because easy doesn’t change you”.

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