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One Life Wellness Coach

ONELIFE was founded in order to provide services that support the general well-being of the people. There are services to improve and helps you to maintain an optimal wellness. As Life Coach i help people to identify what they want and why they want it and, based on that, I help them to work out a realistic plan that helps them to reach their goals. I support people to take responsibility and to become accountable regarding any kind of commitment. 

Increasing levels of stress taking part on work performance, job satisfaction, relationships, finance and general wellbeing. For that reason You may feel lost or simply be living life on a day-to-day basis. 

As Life coaching and Personal Trainer i will help you to overcome challenges in the areas of relationships,physical wellbeing, job,self-confidence and so on.



One Life Holistic Coach

My Story

Life Coach London & Personal Trainer London

My name is Giulia and i am fully qualified Life Coach and Personal Trainer. My passion is to support people to make change in their lives. I strongly believe in the power of every human being to react to every situation in life as well as to every life change, but happens sometimes we lose our way because of millions of input and stress that comes from our surrounding environment and so, we just sit back without find any reason to move forward anymore. My aim is coaching you to live a better life with confidence, self esteem ,to face your barriers and overcome them. My work is based on an holistic approach, it means to promote your physical and mental wellbeing through Life Coaching and/or Personal Training plans both. I support you to overcome your own beliefs, behaviours  and barriers  in a not-judgmental and comfortable environment with the aim to boost your empowerment. If you need guidance in the form of life coaching, if you need to resolve confusion, allay self-doubt, make decisions and pave the path towards the realisation of your dreams and goals, well, ONELIFE is all about You




“ I leave every week like this.
With a puff under the sun’s rays,
Finding my peace,
Visualizing my future
With a heart full of gratitude.
For everything I have,
For everything that comes.
Life is a thrill that flies away,
I don’t let it go,
Living it by my own.”
  – OneLife –


Personal Training Plan

ONELIFE is here for you offering advanced training as well as beginner training for individuals of all fitness levels.
Are you ready to change your habits in order to live better and longer?

Life Coaching

ONELIFE is here to invest in a one-to-one relationship with you and to believe that valuing yourself enough is the best gift you can give yourself.

Come On In

Because easy doesn’t change you.

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